The Wailers

Three fountains pulsing in a random order, creating the sugestion of the presence of a small group of whales just off the coast of Aarhus, DK

At Sculpture by the Sea Arhus we decided to do a work related to two contexts:
1 The sculpture exhibition itself
2 The situation of whales continuously being killed in seas in Denmarks territory; Greenland.
We aimed to handle both contexts with subtlety and decided to create 'sculptures' that were only visible at scarse moments. With the ghostlike appearance of the whales entertaining the audience, but also very often irritating the audience because they were struggling to find the sculpture, we wanted to enlarge the awareness of the situation of the whales in Denmarks territory.

In collaboration with Nicolas Vionnet (CH)

This project was supported by RyPool and exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus.

Nicolas Vionnet & Wouter Sibum: The Wailers (2015) from Nicolas Vionnet - Visual Artist on Vimeo.