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Wouter Sibum
25-06-1980, Amsterdam

Robert Fruinstraat 35
3021 XB Rotterdam


2018 Research and Development Grant (O&O), CBK Rotterdam
2016 Gueststudio Werkplaats Diepenheim, Mondriaan Fund
2014 Research and Development Grant (O&O), CBK Rotterdam
2010 Studytrip What’s up, what’s down. Cultural catalysts in Urban Space, Fonds BKVB

2018 id11, Rutten
2018 Barraca, Den Haag

2017 Alles muss raus / Alles muss rein Griesbad Galerie, Ulm (GER)
2017 Summer exhibition Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
2016 Benefit auction Unfair Amsterdam at Christies
2015 Born of concentration, RAM Foundation, Rotterdam
2015 Festival Witte de Withkwartier, Rotterdam
2015 These Things Take Time (tttt), Gent (B)
2015 Sculpture by the Sea, Arhus (DK) in collaboration with Nicolas Vionnet
2015 Museum of the Unconditional Surrender, TENT Rotterdam
2014 Unfair Amsterdam
2014 Route du Nord, Rotterdam
2014 Car Art Festival, Delft
2013 KUFA, Wir Sind Die Stadt, Ulm (GER)
2013 Lugar a Dudas, Elopement, Cali (CO)
2012 III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (RUS)
2012 De Aanschouw Nº49 Januari, Rotterdam
2011 CBK, Corpus den Hoorn Masterclass, Groningen
2011 Claiming Visibility, After trajectory Studytrip What’s up, what’s down.
2010 Nieuw Almeers Peil II, Almere
2009 BuroDijkstra, Post Grad Garden, Rotterdam
2009 Bauhaus University MFA Program, Master Thesis Graduation, Weimar (GER)
2009 Subversiv Messe, Linz (AT)
2009 Sign/MediumGallery, We Care a Lot (About Art in Public Space), Groningen
2009 Np3, Echt tHEMA, Groningen
2009 Bauhaus University MFA Program, Abfahrt>Ankunft, Leipzig (GER)
2008 MarkePunktSechs, Es Gibt Häppchen, Weimar
2008 Bauhaus University MFA Program, Wanderlust,Weimar
2008 Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, Post for Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek (KGZ)
2008 Kunst Eyssen, Concours Neerlandais', Alkmaar
2007 Galerij de Lawei, Anders als Anders ≈ Différance an sich, Drachten
2006 Platform Bohnenstrasse, Fictive Action, Bremen (GER)
2006 Np3, VERSUS, Groningen
2006 P///akt, The Elite is Dead, Amsterdam
2006 The Space, Sequence II, London (UK)
2005 de Roode Bioscoop, Sequence I, Amsterdam
2005 Kunsthuis SYB, The Subjectivity of Kindness, Beetsterzwaag
2005 Minerva Academy, Graduation Show, Groningen
2005 Minerva Academy, Broad Sculpture, Groningen
2005 Library of Justice, Police Bench, Groningen
2004 NP3, Lost in space!?, Groningen
2004 Galleria Plastyficatory, Reading the Space II, Poznan (PL)
2003 Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design, Transit, Nagoya (JPN)
2002 Theatre Festival Terschelling’s Oerol, Fresh Blood, Terschelling
2002 Jonge Harten Festival, Security Installation, Groningen

2010-2014Director and curator at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn
2005-2007Co-initiator and curator at MediumGallery, Groningen
2004Co-curator at Galleria Plastyficatory for Reading the Space II

2017 Werkplaats Diepenheim
2013 lugar a dudas, Cali (Col)
2005Kunsthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag (NL)

Long-term projects in public space
2017-2018 Alles muss rein, Ulm
2009-today Re-pair, Weimar
2010-2013 Monument for Informal Gathering, Almere

Presentations / Interviews
2014 Live Column at De Donkere Kamer #4 Foto Museum Rotterdam
2014 Artist talk at Het Wilde Weten
2013 Radio ULM
2013 Open Studio's at Het Wilde Weten
2012 Mediamatic Ignite 22
2012 Platform Gras Pecha Kucha 19
2010 Saxion Urbandesign, Deventer
2010 Omroep Flevoland Radio
2010 FLOSStijd, Leeuwarden
2008 Lotte Radio Weimar
2007 Gift Horse Network, D.A.A.D. Convention Giessen Uni (GER)
2007 Audio Busstop, Npeg-Video Busstop, Groningen (NL) with Feiko Beckers
2007 Art Child, Pecha Kucha Vol. V, Groningen (NL) with Feiko Beckers

2018 O&O publicatie 2014-2017, CBK Rotterdam
2016 Book of Ours, Hotel Maria Kapel
2015 Non-Issue #43
2015 (H)art
2014 NOT TODAY magazine
2014 Catalog Unfair Amsterdam
2014 Project Publication Elopement, Hotel Maria Kapel & lugar a dudas
2013 Tubelight #85
2012 Club Donny #9
2012 Catalog III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
2012 Augsburger Allgemeine
2012 The world is square, Independent
2011 Hier in WestFriesland
2010 Catalog N.A.P.II
2009 Benches - a panorama of form and meaning, Master Thesis, Independent
2009 Re-pair, Documentation, Independent
2009 Catalog Wanderlust, Bauhaus University Weimar
2008 Der Bogen, Journal der Bauhaus University Weimar
2006 De Groene Amsterdammer, article about the MediumGallery show of Sef Peeters
2006 Catalog - Who Gives a Fuck About Art In Public Space!? MediumGallery Open Air
2005 Graduation Catalog of Minerva Art Academy
2002 Groninger student Newspaper, Article about a collaboration with Arik Visser
2002 Oerol Dome

2007-2009 MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies Bauhaus University, Weimar (GER)
2001-2005 BFA Fine Art Minerva Academy, Groningen
2000-2001 Orientation course Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

2014-today Projectspace committee member Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam
2010-2014 Hotel Maria Kapel, selection committees
2008 MFA Public Art, Bauhaus University Weimar, selection committee
2003-2004 BFA Fine Art, Academie Minerva, selection committees

2015 Teaching Project week Academie Minerva
2014-today Board member Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn
2013-2014 Colums Visual analysis Vers Beton, internet magazine
2011-2012 Teaching Project weeks Academie Minerva
2011 Teaching Updates Available, (Claiming Visability) KABK
2007-2008 Student representative in MFA Board, MFA Bauhaus
2007-2009 External advisor MediumGallery