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Platz wo die Blumen sind
Unrealized proposal for the Gauforum Square, Weimar

Size: Approximately 330 x 130 x 1,3m
Materials: Earth and Flowers (tulips, roses, daisy's, etc)

The main objective of this proposal is to turn the Gauforum Square, that is formally known as Adolf Hitler Square and Karl Marx Square, into a community owned, grown and kept memorial site.

The proposal consists of a action in 4 parts:

1 – The name of the Square will be changed into:
Platz wo die Blumen sind

2 – Placing a mixture of clay and earth and planting the flowerbulbs in the soil.
The soil will be layed on the parkinglot. Aproximately 1 meter high on the square and on the public gardens at the west side of the square (in front of the former Building of the German Work Front). Planting the flowerbulbs will be done at 2 moments in the year. In October/November and in March/April.

3 – Growing the flowers and laying the soil fallow.
The flowers will bloom during Spring, Summer and Fall. The Springflowers can stay in the ground. Before the winter sets in the Summer and Autumnflowers have to be digged out of the ground, because they will not survive the cold. They must be stored and planted in Spring again or they can be sold.

4 - Working the grounds.
For the first years a group of caretakers can be assisted working the grounds. Later on the ground could be worked by a local community independently. If the flowerbulbs are sold in Spring, this can make money to buy new flowerbulbs and pay for caretaking.