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All inclusive* Corpus den Hoorn
Unrealized proposal for an artwork celebrating the neighborhood renewal in Corpus den Hoorn.

Size: Approximately 50x 50 x 7m
Materials: Swimmingpool, free drinks and all inclusive* bracelets.

Plan for a celebration event on the occation of the completion of the neighbor hood renewal of the south-quarter of Corpus den Hoorn in Groningen.
The housing companies asked for a gift for the neighborhood after several years of restructuring, demolition and building in the neighborhood for the inhabitants of which 60% returned to Corpus den Hoorn in new houses.

Instead of giving a static gift, the proposal is of a more social gesture. The inhabitants of the south-quarter are given the exclusive right to visit the All inclusive* swimming pool, a temporary swimming pool for 3 weeks. Though this gift the housing companies give something of a nature that they normally do not give; recreational space instead of living space. Hereby the residents are offered a temporary space to meet and greet; a shared experience for the population that has 40% new residents.